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Work It Out: 7 Seattle-Area Parks With Exercise Equipment for Grown-Ups

Playgrounds with fitness options for caregivers get everyone moving

Published on: December 22, 2023

Adult fitness stations and play equipment for kids at Atlantic Street Park

Grown-ups, you can get moving at the playground, too!

Parents spend hours at playgrounds watching their little ones run, climb, jump and play. It’s tempting to just stand around with phone in hand. But check out these area playgrounds that throw grown-ups a bone, offering a new type of play equipment. In these spots, there’s equipment focused on getting parents and caregivers moving themselves.

Ranging from gliders to boost cardio activity to strength equipment for arms, legs and abs, these mini outdoor fitness gyms are a great way to work out while your children play — right within sight. Here are seven parks with excellent playgrounds that also have adult exercise equipment.

First stop: waterside playfield

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