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Explore the Sweet Fairy House Trail in Sammamish’s Pine Lake Park

Kids will love searching for enchanting fairy homes

Vicky McDonald

Published on: June 11, 2021

Young siblings inspect a fairy house found along the Pine Lake Fairy House Trail in Sammamish's Pine Lake Park near Seattle kids activities summer 2021
Inpsecting one of the fairy houses found along Pine Lake Park's temporary Fairy House Trail. Credit: Vicky McDonald

My kids love fairies, and on our regular forest walks, they love to point out all the hollowed-out tree stumps and crevices where fairies might live. When I heard that our local Pine Lake Park in Sammamish was hosting a special Fairy House Trail for the month of June, I knew we couldn’t miss it.

On the way to the park, we talked about all the materials that might go into the construction of a real-life fairy house. I was hopeful that the fairy houses would live up to my kids’ expectations.

Finding the fairies

We know this park well, so as soon as we landed the kids scrambled out of the car in search of fairy houses, looking around the dock and on the playground. There were also a few other families wandering around looking for the fairies. We then realized that the fairy house trail is right opposite the parking lot, behind a large sign that we had somehow missed. Rule No. 1: Follow the fairy sign.

Young girl at Pine Lake Park looking at the Fairy House Trail sign marking the start of the trail fun kids' activities near Seattle
Credit: Vicky McDonald

Walking along the path, we encountered the first fairy house and it was just as we imagined. It was cleverly constructed with foraged materials such as moss, leaves, tree bark and stones.

Magical fairy house found along the Pine Lake Fairy House Trail in Pine Lake Park in Sammamish two kids inspecting it
Credit: Vicky McDonald

Each fairy house was marked with a helpful red flag, so my two kids flitted through the forest hunting for the flags. The “Magic Fairy House” was my kids’ favorite and the attention to detail was certainly impressive. We saw a tiny rope ladder made from twigs and moss, miniature bottles of glitter, old keys and a teapot complete with dinky-sized teacups.  

Pine Lake Park Fairy House Trail Sea Fairy House made of shells and sea glass
Credit: Vicky McDonald

My kids also adored the “Sea Fairy House,” which is made from a large white shell and green sea glass. According to my youngest, this is definitely where the Tooth Fairy lives. 

Pine Lake Fairy House Trail toadstool house with two young kids looking on fun Eastside activities for kids June 2021
Credit: Vicky McDonald

One fairy house looked just like a red toadstool from a classic fairytale, while other fairy houses were humbler and more natural in style. They were constructed from all sorts of materials, such as lichen, twigs, berries, flowers, peach stones and even a coconut. Those fairies really are ingenious builders!

Keep hunting?

There are about a dozen fairy houses to find and inspect, and each one has its own unique charm. The kids wanted to believe there were more and chased around the trails hunting for other dwellings in the undergrowth. It certainly made our forest walk a lot more magical than usual. 

Mossy fairy house along the Pine Lake Park fairy house trail in Sammamish June
Credit: Vicky McDonald

The trail is not very long, so after looking at all the fairy homes, we moved on to the playground. There are three small play areas in Pine Lake Park. The top area features two swings and two climbing walls, and the lower play area has two standard play structures with slides, monkey bars and other features.

There is nothing super fancy about the play area, but the view of the lake is a bonus for parents, and my kids are always perfectly happy to hang out and play on the playground. For older kids, there are some basketball courts and a sports field.

Pine Lake Park play structure for kids to play on before or after walking the Fairy House Trail
Credit: Vicky McDonald

If you’ve brought along a snack, there are also plenty of picnic tables nearby for an impromptu picnic. Of course, you also have beautiful Pine Lake right in front of you, so you might want to bring some swimming togs and beach shoes to make a day of it.

If you're an Eastside family looking for a charming nature activity to fill a morning or afternoon, the Fairy House Trail at Pine Lake Park is a good bet. Just go soon, as the fairies are moving out at the end of June.

If you go ...

Find it: Find the Fairy House Trail at Pine Lake Park, 2401 228th Ave. S.E. in Sammamish. It is located on the opposite side of the parking lot behind the football field. Follow the large sign to access the trail.

Open hours: The park is open daily, 6:30 a.m. to dusk.

Parking: Free parking is available in the lot at the park.

Tips for families:

  • Each fairy house is marked with a red flag.
  • The trail is stroller-friendly.
  • Restroom facilities are open during park hours.
  • Check the Sammamish Facebook page for more information about the trail, pictures and a virtual tour to watch before you go.

Fuel up nearby before or after your fairy hunt: Metropolitan Market Sammamish, Mod Pizza, Chipotle.

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