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Rock on Lisa: Loeb at Barnes and Noble downtown

When I was a single, childless woman (a long, long time ago), I first heard of a singer named Lisa Loeb. I received her CD for my 26th birthday and played it until the plastic wore thin.

One summer I was able to see her perform at Pine Knob in Detroit. She was a cat-eyed speck far away on a huge stage. I tried to position myself closer to the front, in the way that invincible twenty-somethings do. But to no avail.

Little did I know then, that in 2008 I'd take my two children to see her at Barnes and Noble in downtown Seattle. Where she'd sing from her newest release Camp Lisa. And that I'd be close enough to see the rubberbands holding back her pigtails.

It was kind of a thrill. Most of her songs were, well, summer campy, but on request she did perform Stay from her debut album, Tails.

Listening to it gave me that heady feeling of being 26 again. Except that I had a three-year-old on my lap and dried raisins in my pockets.

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