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Seattle-Area Families Find Unexpected Learning Opportunities at Home

From potty training to puppy training and more

Published on: March 31, 2020

Seattle-Area Families Find Unexpected Learning Opportunities at Home

Rosalind Hansen, age 6, Audrey Hansen, almost 3, and a doll on the fabulous princess potty. Image courtesy of Lana Hansen

Potty training

When you have no schedule to follow and nowhere to go, it’s the perfect time for.... potty training!

Lana Hansen, of Bellevue, had been telling her younger daughter that they’d start potty training on her third birthday, April 28. Audrey, at nearly three, is super girly and loves pink. After her mom showed her a picture of a princess potty, she told everyone that’s what she was getting for her birthday.

“It arrived last week, we opened it and decided to celebrate her birthday early. We even baked a cake,” Lana said. “She is a whizz — pun Intended.”

Audrey took to the potty right away; it plays a congratulatory tune when she goes. The best part? She dumps it out, rinses it and washes her hands afterward all by herself.

“Potty training has been a huge success,” Lana said. “This never would have happened if we had places to be.”

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