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Seattle-Area Families Find Unexpected Learning Opportunities at Home

From potty training to puppy training and more

Published on: March 31, 2020

Seattle-Area Families Find Unexpected Learning Opportunities at Home

Eloise Warren playing with her new puppy Luna. Image courtesy of Heidi Warren

Puppy training

Eloise Warren, age 7, discovered that if she ran around her backyard clucking like a chicken, her new puppy would follow her.

“Until the dog learns to come when called, we will just cluck like a chicken,” said her mom, Heidi.

The Warrens brought home their golden retriever puppy, Luna, just before the coronavirus outbreak. They have a fenced-in backyard at their house in Bothell, and Luna, now 3 months old, is learning basic commands (lie down) and tricks (high five).

“I’m just grateful we live in a house with a yard instead of a high-rise apartment, where we can go outside with fresh air,” Heidi said. “Having a puppy forces us to get outside several times a day. I think that has helped us a lot. Just being out in fresh air for 15 minutes several times a day is really good for the body and mind.”

For Eloise, Luna makes for the cutest excuse to take a break from schoolwork and get some exercise. Eloise has been reading puppy-training books and watching videos. She helps feed Luna, gives the pup water and even scoops up poop when it happens.

“I know that this is a challenging time for a lot of people,” Heidi said. “It’s really hard for kids to get their schedule disrupted. All the uncertainty. I'm glad we have a puppy to occupy my daughter. And being an only child, we're not having any playdates, it’s good that she has a puppy.”

The only family member who’s not happy about the new arrival? Their 18-year-old cat.

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