Seattle unified in support of State’s Race to the Top application

Published on: May 19, 2010

Seattle’s teachers, principals, Superintendent and School Board have all joined in support of Washington State’s application for Race to the Top funds. Last evening, the Seattle Education Association voted to join the Principals Association of Seattle Schools, Superintendent Maria L. Goodloe-Johnson, and the Seattle School Board to support Washington State’s bid for approximately $250 million in education funding.

If successful, Seattle Public Schools students stand to benefit by approximately $10 million over the next four years.

“With Seattle Public Schools signing on, Washington’s Race to the Top application now has the state’s largest school district on board. This is a district serious about the future - of their students, their schools and their communities. Their partnership with us in Race to the Top will serve both the district and our state well,” said Governor Chris Gregoire. “With Seattle’s participation, 95 percent of the state’s students will be represented in our efforts.”

These additional funds would accelerate work already under way to improve education throughout the District. Echoing the top strategic goals unanimously adopted by Seattle’s School Board in the District’s five year plan called Excellence For All, the goals areas in the federal Race to the Top grant are:

1. Enter kindergarten prepared for success.

2. Be competitive in math and science nationally and internationally.

3. Attain high academic standards regardless of race, ethnicity, income or gender.

4. Graduate college and career ready
“Our state’s response to Race to the Top is an excellent example of how we can all work together on behalf of our children,” said Superintendent Maria L. Goodloe-Johnson. “Supporting our children’s academic success is the most important thing our state can do, and the Governor is to be commended for her leadership and commitment to a strong Race to the Top application on behalf of Washington’s children.”

Examples of activities that a successful Race to the Top application would support in Seattle include:

  • school readiness efforts such as better coordination between early learning programs and early primary programs;
  • more high quality tools and training to support math teachers;
  • additional science learning opportunities in elementary school;
  • advancing our goal of excellent instruction in every classroom through continued collaboration to revamp our evaluation and professional development system;
  • more tailored support for schools based on students’ academic performance;
  • additional advanced placement classes and more opportunities for students to earn college credit while in high school.

    Districts across the nation will learn of the results of the competitive process for Race to the Top funds this Fall.

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