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Sound Off: Helicopter Parenting

Published on: December 30, 2013

We wrote about Free Range Kids a bit ago - a blog created after writer Lenore Skenazy struck a nerve. She let her 9 year old son find his own way home from Bloomingdale's in NYC armed only with a few dollars and his ability to read. Her story about that decision in The New York Sun made national headlines. Here's a quick link to our post about it.

And today in The Baltimore Sun, the "other side" has its say. In Defense of Helicopter Parenting written by mom and educator, who is tired of the bad rap. An excerpt:

"Certainly, helicopter parents have the potential to be intrusive and annoying. But, hey, at least we are there. We are the ones who sell the gift wrap, bake the brownies, set up the after-prom party, chaperon the dances, drive the carpools and keep score at the Little League games. We are the class mothers, the coaches, the field trip contacts, the emergency phone tree heads and the teacher appreciation luncheon organizers. We know how to be there when the school needs our contribution, and we deserve to be welcomed when we need the school to hear our voices."

Moms and Dads, it's confession time. What have you seen? What have you done? Sound off here.

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