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6 People Changing the World of Learning Differences and Special Needs

What you need to know about their work, from anxiety to ADHD

Published on: April 05, 2018

6 People Changing the World of Learning Differences and Special Needs

Anxious kid

Karen Young — Anxiety

While the website Hey Sigmund is well-known for its information on anxiety, it also covers many aspects of psychology — work born from founder and psychologist Karen Young’s own practice.

“I was constantly seeing how life-changing the right information could be,” says Young, who practices in Australia. “Hey Sigmund is an attempt to make solid, practical, research-driven information easily available, so more people can benefit from the amazing insights that psychology can offer." 

While the name of the website is a nod to the well-known psychologist, it also reflects how psychology has evolved. As in, “Hey Sigmund, look how far we’ve come,” says Young, who launched the website in 2014.  

When it comes to anxiety, Young wishes everyone knew what a very normal, instinctive human response it is.

“The symptoms [of anxiety] can feel awful, but they’re a sign of a strong, healthy brain and body doing what it’s meant to do,” she says. “[Anxiety] warns us that there might be danger (even though there often isn’t as some brains are a little overprotective) and gets us ready to fight for our lives or run for it. Having awareness around this can help to dial down the awful thoughts and feelings that come with the physical symptoms.”

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