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Get Inspired By These Photos of Young Girls Being Awesome

New book "Strong Is the New Pretty" captures confidence on camera

Published on: March 23, 2017

Get Inspired By These Photos of Young Girls Being Awesome

Cellist from "Strong Is the New Pretty"
"Strong Is the New Pretty" by Kate T. Parker / Workman

"I found so many different kinds of strength"

“Through music I have the ability to make others smile and even cry when I perform in a way that moves someone.” — Nora, age 11

From the author: “When I traveled around the country, I found so many different kinds of strength. I’m an athlete, so I get how to set a goal and work your butt off to get there. I thought this was only something athletes did. It’s not. Anyone who does anything well, does the same exact thing. I didn’t know this before. 

[That realization was] such a gift for me. [Now I don’t only] recognize the strength in myself and my daughters; I listen hard enough to see the strength and power in others. Even when it is a power we don’t have. I now understand how much work Nora puts into her music. This project opened my eyes to that. A musician playing to an audience is much closer to how athletes prepares for a big game than I ever thought.

Strength is strength. Commitment is commitment. Excellence is excellence. Hard work is hard work.”

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