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12 Subscription Boxes Your Kids Will Love

Keep creativity alive and make life easier with family-friendly subscription boxes

Published on: March 08, 2020

12 Subscription Boxes Your Kids Will Love

Kids opening  box

Tips and tricks

Not sure if you want to commit to a subscription? You can often purchase prior month’s boxes or the individual contents, at a discount on subscription box websites including ArtSnacks.

Worried about how to store all that incoming cool stuff and boxes? Set up a system so as soon as the box arrives and your family has enjoyed opening it and exploring the contents, things that are not delightful get gifted or donated, the “good stuff” gets stored (use large ziplock bags if things need to stay together and include directions for building sets). And don't forget to recycle or repurpose the shipping boxes.  

Curious about subscription boxes and want to save some money? Check out one of the many subscription box review sites including Cratejoy where you can search for reviews on the specific boxes and often find coupons for new subscribers.   

Editor's note: ParentMap staff contributed to this article, which was most recently updated in March 2020.


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