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Pucker Up! 5 Ways to Celebrate Lemonade Day

Lemonade Day is August 20! Celebrate in sour-sweet style with these unique recipes, plus one science experiement

Published on: August 18, 2015

Photo credit: Tom Hoggarth, Flickr

What better way to celebrate summer than by making a few lemony recipes for Lemonade Day, August 20th? From new takes on the classic thirst-quencher, to DIY popsicles and even a lemon-themed cocktail for Mom and Dad, check out these fun and unique recipes. When life gives you lemons...well, you know the rest! 


Photo credit: Nourished by Corynn

1. The recipe that's got all others beet

Add a pop of surprising color (and nutrients) to your homemade lemonade with this fab idea for making pink beet lemonade featured on Nourished. A great recipe that can be made year-round, this quick and easy, bright and beautiful drink is made with only five ingredients: lemons, limes, a large beet, water and sugar (or other sweetener).


Photo credit: Cooking With My Kid

2. Yummy, gummy

Jazz up this summer's lemonade by making delicious lemonade popsicles, like these ones featured on Cooking with My Kid. Mama Rebecca and her kids added gummy cherries for a little extra flavor and fun and we think this is one treat that's sure to be an instant crowd-pleaser. Only requiring a prep time of 15 minutes, this simple recipe only needs fresh lemon juice, agave nectar, sugar and water. Add to your popsicle molds and then top your rockets off by plopping in a couple gummies for good measure. All in all, an easy peasy refreshing summer sweet.

Photo credit: Good Life Eats

3. Watermelon wow

Chill out at this year's family picnic with some homemade watermelon lemonade, like this batch shown on Good Life Eats! Super easy and inexpensive to make, this summer-y watermelon thirst quencher only requires the absolute basics: fresh watermelon, lemonade concentrate, and ice. We have no doubt that this is one refreshment that your little ones will be asking for again and again — that bright pink color is pretty hard to resist!


Photo credit: Oven Love

4. Thyme for lemonade

A fun take on a summer staple, this recipe for blackberry-thyme lemonade by Oven Love is an instant classic. Squeeze the lemons, mix with honey, then pour over crushed blackberries and thyme. Cover that mixture with cold water, and you’ve got a picnic stunner!


Photo credit: Bake Noir

5. Grown up lavender lemonade

Lemonade is synonymous with summer. This lavender-infused lemon cocktail by Bake Noir would work great for a summertime cocktail party. It’s not overly sweet, and the recipe features DIY lavender syrup. Skip the gin and substitute more extra lemon juice if the party is a family affair.

Photo credit: Kids' Activities

BONUS lemon fun: Make a lemon battery

This fun experiment is a great way to demonstrate the principals of electric current for older kids. You’ll need a small device to “power up,” plus lemons and a few items from the hardware store. Be sure to have your camera ready to capture the expressions on your kids’ faces when they see it work! Check out Holly and Rachel’s Kids Activities blog for the full instructions.

Science lesson: The citric acid in the lemon reacts with the two different metals, pushing the ions in one direction, creating an electric current.


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