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Take Home the Gold With These 6 Winter Olympics Apps

All eyes are turned to Sochi, Russia for the 2014 Winter Olympics. If your family’s eyes also like to turn to your mobile devices, several apps can help you and your kids experience the winter games to the fullest.

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Thanks to some of the latest offerings on the App Store and Google Play, you can become an Olympics expert without ever turning on the television. From watching more sports events than you can shake a ski at, to kids’ snowy storybooks and games, here are six apps that turn your smartphone into a hub for all things Olympics.

NBC Sports Live Extra

Fans of lesser-known winter sports that might not be televised in prime time (Individual Gunderson, anyone?) and casual viewers looking for highlights can turn their tablets into TVs with NBC Sports Live Extra.

NBC promises over 1,000 hours of live and recorded coverage in all events through the easy-to-use free app. Cheer for Team USA on the bus, at home, or anywhere you go with this essential Olympics app.

Free (cable or satellite service authentication required), iPhone/iPad, Android

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