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10 Thanksgiving Bento Box Lunch Ideas for Kids

Published on: November 10, 2011

Thanksgiving turkey sandwich by Lian Mama ObentoCheerful Turkeys

Lian Mama Obento shares this terrific Thanksgiving-themed lunch idea for turning a simple bagel and cream cheese into quite possibly the most cheerful turkey that you'll ever see. Those smiley eyes are just irresistible!

Perfect for a pre-Thanksgiving lunch box treat, this tasty little gobbler is made with cheese shapes and ham, on top of a bagel with cream cheese. Also included in this bento: apple slices and flower look-a-like sides made out of ham and tomatoes -- also a favorite!

Thanksgiving turkey bento box by Happy Little BentoPasta Perfect

For her very first Thanksgiving bento ever, Mama Sheri of Happy Little Bento came up with this excellent idea for making adorable baby pasta turkeys. We love how clever these little birdies are!

Made with spinach ricotta ravioli and colorful fall carrots, these little lookers are sure to become a new Thanksgiving favorite in your family -- they're pretty darn hard to resist. Also included in this bento: watermelon radishes in fun fall shapes, Mandarin oranges, cherry tomatoes, and grapes.

Thanksgiving Indian girl bento box by Hawaii's Bento Box CookbookSweet Little Indian

For her Thanksgiving bento, Mama Susan of Hawaii's Bento Box Cookbook chose to try her hand at this lovely little Indian girl -- and we're glad that she did! (That salami headband and bow is absolutely fetching.)

Made using cheese, salami, nori, and what looks to be  bologna, this lovely little girl is a perfect pick for Thanksgiving bento makers who want to move beyond the classic turkey. Also featured in this bento box: heart-shaped kiwi slices, cherry tomatoes, apple slices, carrots, and a delicious sammy. Not bad for a quick and nutritious lunch!

Thanskgiving turkey lunch idea by Meet the DubiensTurkey Jive

Mama Jill of Meet the Dubiens features this gorgeous "tommy turkey" lunch idea that she made for her kids -- check out that colorful plume!

Certainly one lunch idea to be thankful for this season, this turkey sandwich is made with bright crisp apple slices, icing eyes, a red apple wattle, and cute little carrot legs. Jill admits that though her own children may not be big fans of them, colorful bell peppers will also work well for your turkey's vibrant plume.

Thanksgiving harvest lunch idea by Bento-logyThanksgiving Bounty

Though Mama Caren of Bento-logy made this sweet lunch box for her little one in the beginning of fall, we love it just as much for a Thanksgiving harvest-themed meal.

Including four stacked "acorn" sandwiches, green grapes, broccoli, pretzels, and a Babybel cheese with an acorn-shaped cutout, this is one healthy lunch that is sure to get your tot in the festive holiday mood!


Thanksgiving turkey bento box by Bento LunchTurkey Talk

We love this simple Thanksgiving-themed lunch idea featured on Bento Lunch. It's certainly one that shows off just how easy it can be to make a special holiday meal for your kiddo -- without taking the whole morning to do so! Easy and festive!.

Besides featuring an array of colorful fruits (such as those beautiful flower-esque strawberry slices), Mama Shannon made her cheddar and Swiss cheese turkey on top of a cream cheese sandwich using a duck and circle cookie cutters. Like we said, super-cinchy!

Thanksgiving turkey lunch idea by Cute Food for KidsClever Holiday Cuties

We love this cartoonish little gobbler featured on Cute Food For Kids -- and as a bonus, it's a snap to make!

Mama Tiffany gives an excellent walk-through on how she came up with this jivin' turkey sandwich idea, and we must admit -- this is one little birdie that we wouldn't mind finding in our lunchbox, either. Simply made with shaped white and yellow cheese, nori, and a red pepper wattle, this cute turkey is accompanied by some gorgeous apple slices that have been cut to resemble leaves. Don't miss out on Tiffany's walk-through for the full scoopity-doopity!

Thanksgiving turkey bento box by Crouching Mother, Hidden ToddlerGoogly-Eyed Gobblers

Crouching mother, Hidden Toddler features this bright and beautiful Thanksgiving bento box turkey -- and we can't get enough of those sweet googly eyes!

For this adorable "turkey," Mama Kelly made a bologna beak, icing eyes, and a variety of colorful bell peppers for his pretty plume. Oh, and let's not forget about the cheddar cheese feet! Also included in this bento box: a bologna sandwich, grapes, carrots, and a sweet little strawberry.

Thanskgiving autumn leaves bento box by Lian Mama ObentoHarvest Happiness

Perfect for the harvest season, Lian Mama Obento shares this gorgeous autumn bento box idea, replete with plenty of fall colors and edible leaves!

This scrummy red-, yellow-, and orange-hued meal features rice with mushrooms and sausage, tomatoes, cheese cubes, persimmons, and tasty apple slices that are made to look like fall leaves. Mama Lian says that she loves autumn most because it reminds her that the holiday season is coming -- couldn't agree with her sentiment more!

Thanksgiving pilgrim bento box by Adventures in BentomakingPerky Little Pilgrim

Last, but not least, what would Thanksgiving be without a pilgrim thrown into the mix?! Adventures in Bentomaking gives us just what we were hoping for with this sweet holiday bento box idea.

To make this fantastic little Puritan, Mama Pikko chose to dye her rice ball (onigiri) with a tiny squirt of ketchup to make a nice peach color for the face. Nori is used for the facial features and a white piece of cheese works perfectly for a hood. Also included in this bento: chicken with Pikko's aunt's special teriyaki sauce, carrots, broccoli, corn, and grilled egg (tamagoyaki). Certainly one lunch idea that'll help your tot get excited for the upcoming holiday!

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