This month's postings, April 2008

Going ga-ga

You know that instant “awwwww” you feel when you see a baby? Looks like there’s a scientific reason for it. Sophisticated brain imaging shows that when an adult sees a baby’s face, a specific region of their brain — the part tied to “reward” — lights up like a Christmas tree. Looking at another adult’s face doesn’t have the same effect. The University of Oxford study may suggest a neural basis for protective, nurturing feelings triggered by babies.

Sexless in Seattle?

Think you’re doing fine on too little sleep? You may not be the one suffering! The National Sleep Foundation’s annual poll finds that 20 percent of us (one in five, for you sleep-deprived) have lost interest in sex because we’re too sleepy. Thirty-two percent of those people polled say they only get a good night’s sleep a few nights per month, and 65 percent say they have a sleep problem. Show the love — get some sleep!

The Big O

Here’s a great recipe: Take two Woodinville women who are way into wine, add some grapes . . . a little magic . . . and voila! You have a fundraiser you can really toast. Check out this brand-new label, O Wines, at your local QFC or other stores. The chardonnay is delicious (I tested it for research purposes), around $13 a bottle, and the proceeds go to fund scholarships for at-risk girls in our state. Cheers!

Modest mouse

Here at PM, we pour our hearts into our work, and we love what we do. That’s why it’s such a pleasure every time we are nationally recognized for our work. This year, ParentMap once again has been honored by Parenting Publications of America, bringing home a record 24 awards for editorial, design and Web site excellence! Where do we go from here? Let’s just say we’ve had just enough encouragement to be really dangerous!

No ticket? No problem!

Tickets are tough to come by for this month’s Seeds of Compassion event, which is bringing the Dalai Lama to Seattle for five days, April 11–15. But even if you’re out of luck on tix, you can still watch the event live on TV and online. Details for broadcast haven’t yet been announced, but we’ll have them on our Web site as soon as they’re available. Watch our blog for daily reports from the event.

Workin’ it

Oh, girl, you gave up a lot to raise those tots! How are you doing with that work/family juggle (struggle?)? Perhaps we can help. Join us for a very special event: the Pathways Opting In/Opting Out panel discussion, moderated by Mona Locke. You’ll get ideas, refreshments, free swag and maybe a little inspiration! It’s happening on Tuesday, April 29, at the Broadway Performance Hall in Seattle. Refreshments and a resource fair get under way at 5:30 p.m.; discussion begins at 7 p.m. See you there!

Picky, picky

That’s you! You know what you want — now, clue us in! We need your votes in our annual readers’ choice poll, ParentMap picks. We’ll have the results in our July issue.

— Kristen Dobson

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