This month's postings, May 2007

Snooze to lose?
Can lack of sleep make your baby fat? A new study finds that infants and toddlers who get fewer than 12 hours of sleep a day are twice as likely to become overweight by the age of 3 as other kids. The Harvard study is the first to link obesity with lack of sleep in very young kids; we already know there's a connection for older kids and adults. That means us!

More snooze news
Besides making your kid fat (and cranky!), missing sleep can also make them accident-prone. Another sleep study - this one by the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control - finds that kids between 18 months and 4 years old who don't get the recommended amount of sleep (11 hours for kids ages 3-6) are twice as likely to be hurt accidentally.

Spear, dear?
Want some asparagus? You're more likely to say "yes" if you're a man, but researchers don't know why. An interesting new study compares the eating habits of men and women and turns up some weird results. The huge survey of 14,000 Americans found that men are more likely than women to eat asparagus, Brussels sprouts, frozen pizza and frozen hamburger; women are more likely to nosh on yogurt, eggs and fresh hamburger. Health officials say these results can help educators target messages about healthy eating.

Word to the man
A hot tip for married men: A recent sex survey finds that 80 percent of moms felt sexy before they had children, but only 41 percent still feel that way. What can this mean? Women in the same survey say that a compliment from their man makes them feel sexier than new clothes, a new haircut, and a good night's sleep - combined! But only 37 percent say their husbands tell them they're sexy on a regular basis. Hmmmm ... and it's almost Mother's Day. I'm just sayin'.

Pamper plan
If you're looking for a great Mother's Day gift for the hot mama in your life, look no farther than our recent online poll. We asked readers, "What's your dream ‘pamper me' day?" Nearly half of responses - 45.7 percent - said a day at the spa fills the bill. Also scoring high: a day spent peacefully reading a good book, and six hours at home - all alone! Only 12 percent wanted an all-day shopping spree. So, it appears that relaxation is key when pampering Seattle-area moms!

It's my party!
Oh, we are celebrating here at PM: We've just turned 5 years old! We considered having a staff party in a bouncy house, but some people said no. So we've decided to celebrate with you, dear reader. One lucky winner will be drawn at random to receive a mighty swag basket, stuffed with ParentMap T-shirts, hats, cool DVDs, games, books - and a pair of tickets to see John Gottman on May 20. Email us at by May 10, and put "party basket" in the subject line.

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