This month's postings, October 2008

Flu yu?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now says all kids should be vaccinated against the flu — not just those younger than 5 — and now’s the time. Researchers are hoping that if older kids, including teenagers, get the shot, it will keep the flu from spreading to those who are really at risk, such as babies, toddlers and the elderly. A vaccine skeptic? The flu vaccine is the only one given to kids age 2 and younger that contains traces of thimerosal, which has been at the heart of the vaccine/autism controversy. Science still hasn’t proven a link, but if you’re worried, ask your doc if there is a thimerosal-free shot available.

Kiddie quarantine

First a smoking section, now a diaper division? A new survey finds that 85 percent of those who fly on airplanes wish that there was a special section for families with young children. Federal air officials say, “Keep on wishing!” — it will probably never happen. But families with young kids — tired of getting the hairy eyeball from business travelers — say they like the idea, too.

Toys for all

It just got easier to find the right toy for a child with special needs. Toys “R” Us has just released its “Guide for Differently-Abled Kids,” which lists toys and games based on the skills they help promote. You can pick up a guide at a Toys “R” Us store or download it for free at

Mr. YukYuk it up!

His gruesome green faces sez it all — no touchy! Now, your child can give Mr. Yuk a mini makeover in the Mr. Yuk poster contest. Kids ages 6–12 can win cash and prizes — and the chance to see their masterpiece on a billboard. Visit for details.

Book 'em

After 10 years, 14 building renovations, nine building replacements, four new branches and $290 million, Seattle’s “Libraries for All” program is complete! Celebrate by taking your kids on a tour de book: Pick up a special passport at any branch, then go on tour and get your passport stamped at all 26 branches! Completed passports can win prizes. Visit for a cool video tour of the branches.

Old friend, new look

Meet Seattle Children’s, the spiffy new name for an old friend with a long name: Children’s Hospital & Regional Medical Center. No more! Just Seattle Children’s now (SeaChi?), short on name but long on achievements. SC has just announced the conclusion of its seven-year capital campaign, which raised a whopping $350 million for uncompensated care, facility improvements and research. Congrats!

Sexless in Seattle?

And congrats to the 12 percent of our readers who are happy with their sex lives! Our PM online sex survey turned up some eye-opening trends among local moms. One-third said they’re rarely in the mood for sex, but don’t regret it when they make the effort. Another 26 percent said they have no sex life to speak of; and 12 percent say, “You wish you were me!” We asked how often local moms are having sex: Nearly 24 percent do about once a week; 20 percent have sex a couple of times a month; and about 16 percent get busy a couple of times a week. Then there are the sex superstars among us: 5.8 percent say they have sex five or more times a week! Boo-yah!

Beam us up

We’re psyched to announce that ParentMap is going three-dimensional! We’re partnering with KING-TV to bring all of our crunchy goodness to a television near you. We have so much cutting-edge info — so many great resources — that once a month just isn’t enough. So you’ll soon see us live, giving regular reports about early learning, education and child development. Watch for the jazz hands! And keep an eye on Passport for updates about this exciting new partnership with KING-TV.

— Kristen Dobson


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