Weekend plans

Published on: December 30, 2013

So I've been sick. Not the tough-it-out kinda sick, but the pwnd kinda sick. I've been ignoring my inbox (three pages of unanswered email, thank you), my looming deadline (Monday!), and the right mess in my kitchen with the wacky carelessness of Aunty Mame after a bender. This weekend I plan to stay horizontal as much as possible so I can work this...whatever...out of my system and get back to participating in my life on Monday.

That means I'll be staying in as much as possible. If I were to go out with the kids, however, here's what I'd do:

1. Go to the grand opening of the Northwest African American Museum on Saturday (or Sunday -- free all day!) and see the glorious restoration of the once-neglected Colman School.

2. See Spyglass Theatre's weird and beautiful blacklight puppet show, SCUBA (Super Cool Underwater Blacklight Adventure) at the quirky Northwest Puppet Center.

3. Spring for tickets to Seattle Opera's Tosca family day. I took my son to the last family day, for Pagliacci, and he really. Enjoyed. The. Show. And he's of the age which you think might balk at opera. It's big, though, and emotional, and there are adult themes on display -- and activities during intermissions don't hurt. Neither does the price: 15 bucks for kids.

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