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French Immersion School of Washington

FISW is a preschool (age 2.5) through fifth grade bilingual, immersion school in the Bellevue/Issaquah area.

French Immersion School of Washington

​​Learning Beyond Borders at FISW
The French Immersion School of Washington offers an inquiry-based, bilingual, and multicultural education to students in preschool (age 2.5) through fifth grade. The value of our innovative and dynamic curriculum goes well beyond the language.

​​Bilingual Education 
Our students learn in two languages and acquire the different thought processes unique to each language. As a result, they develop different ways to think, to process concepts, and to approach problems.

Our immersion model builds a very strong foundation in both languages. From preschool to 5th grade our students spend on average 70% of their time learning in French. This allows them to become very proficient and profound thinkers in both languages, and to develop a large range of vocabulary.

​​Multicultural Education 
Students also grow up within the context of our international community and develop a deep understanding and respect for other cultures. Their bilingual and bicultural experience make them naturally open to new experiences, perspectives, and ideas.

​​Inquiry-Based Education 
Our students benefit from inquiry-based learning. Students discover, explore, question in depth, seek answers, and solve problems. They actively practice new skills. As they gain new knowledge, they find purpose and interest in these skills. They reflect, share with others, and, finally, build and design based on what they have learned.​​

In the process, students develop a love of learning. They understand the value of making mistakes and start taking risks.  

We would love to have you visit and find out more. Email to schedule a visit to our school.

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4211 W Lake Sammamish Pkwy SE
98008-5936 WA
United States

Phone: 425-653-3970