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Mighty Coders

#1 Kids Coding Academy

Mighty Coders

Mighty Coders is Eastside #1 kids coding academy helping children ages 7-14 to gain the 21st century life skills. Our mission is to help your children develop a growth mindset that they will continue enjoying for the rest of their lives!

We understand how tough homeschooling is… we all feel overwhelmed and stressed with this new norm. Now is the time when you want to rely on solid structure and guidance.

We are here to make your new norm more NORMAL!

Join our Virtual Camps & Classes where kids will have the closest experience possible to being physically present at out academy. Both in-person and online camps & classes participants will be working together via video conferencing (e.g. Zoom), building their own websites, video games and various fun projects.

There’s no better gift for your children then the power of knowledge and education.
And right now, your kids relying on you more than ever.

Let us help you to give your children the growth they will continue enjoying for the rest of their lives.

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