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PEPS - Program for Early Parent Support

PEPS brings parents together to find connection, resources and support.

PEPS - Program for Early Parent Support

PEPS is a way to make social connections during the early weeks and months of becoming a parent. PEPS was born in Seattle more than 30 years ago and for many parents, a PEPS Group becomes a supportive community that lasts a lifetime.

PEPS stands apart from other new parent groups with a focus on creating connections and community – factors that we know help strengthen families, increase family wellness, and prepare families to cope with life stresses. One parent said, “At PEPS, it’s okay to ask any and all ‘is this normal??!!’ questions!”

Groups provide ongoing resources and peer support, facilitated by trained leaders. PEPS Newborn Groups start when babies are 0-4 months old and meet for 12 weeks facilitated by a trained volunteer. Register for an evening or daytime group in your neighborhood. Financial assistance is available.

Special programs

  • PEPS Newborn Groups (Daytime & Evening)
  • Baby Peppers (5-12 month)
  • Little Peppers (2 children, a toddler (3 or under) and a newborn (0-6 months))
  • Second Time Around (Newborn group for second time parents)
  • Adjusting to Parenthood (Emotional support facilitated by a professional therapist)
  • Community Events
  • PEPS for Dads (Events)
  • PEPS for Grandparents (Events with speakers and facilitated discussions)


Business Details


4649 Sunnyside Ave N
Ste 324
98103 WA
United States

Phone: 206-547-8570