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WiggleWorks Kids Bellevue

Kids Indoor Playground

WiggleWorks Kids Bellevue

We are the original walk-in, soft-play, moving playscape and birthday party experience for kids under 48”. We are a drop-in facility, meaning you and your child can enter the facility without a reservation any time during normal operating hours.  However, we are not a drop-off facility in that parents, guardians or childcare providers stay on site and are free to relax in chairs at counters where they can see their children while enjoying conversation with other adults. Our award-winning WiggleWorks kids playscape and birthday party facility is specifically designed for infant through preschool age children. Built on the on the Yu Kids PlaySystem, which is a completely soft play environment that MOVES! Most of the equipment spins, bounces, or swings so that your child has the ultimate interactive play experience. Our playscape literally calls children to come wiggle, giggle, and play. This is where fun for kids is created. They may be small, but we encourage them to PLAY BIG!

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Crossroads Mall
15600 NE 8th St.
98008 WA
United States