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Raising Your Digital Natives Workshop


This is another ongoing class series we offer at the Hallowell Todaro Center. Emily Cherkin, one of our coaches, offers this class to address the growing issues surrounding technology and developing brains. Do you worry about how screen use is affecting your child’s brain development or behavior? Are you frustrated and overwhelmed by all the conflicting information about how to balance screen time with family time? Do you battle your kids to turn off the Xbox or hand over the iPad? Are you concerned about the stereotypes your kids are exposed to in the shows they watch and video games they play? More than ever before, technology and media play a bigger role in the lives of our kids. They are “digital natives”, while most of us are “digital immigrants.” On average, research shows kids spend 7.5 hours per day using some form of technology outside of school, where they are constantly bombarded with marketing messages, both subtle and overt. However, research also shows that children who are given the tools they need to understand what they are seeing are more likely to resist these messages. In this highly interactive 7-week parenting workshop with Emily Cherkin, local mom, writer, teacher, and founder of, parents will learn current information on technology use and brain development, explore how technology use meshes with family values, uncover some of negative messaging young people receive from various media sources, and receive tools to help your kids (and you!) become savvy consumers of our culture. You will complete this workshop feeling knowledgeable, empowered, and supported in carrying your digital native into their next phase of development.

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