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Redmond Brightmont Academy Rocketry Club 2016-17


Brightmont Academy in Redmond Town Center is offering a new rocketry club for 7th- 12th-grade students. Students will build STEM skills as they learn how to design, build and fly a rocket that can transport an egg. The Brightmont team will compete in the Team America Rocketry Challenge (TARC), the world's largest student rocket contest. Team advisor David Stenberg describes TARC as “a cool project that relies on the imagination of the students to solve complex engineering problems using simple off-the-shelf components. We don't do this very often.” Stenberg agreed to sponsor the team because, “We've had occasion to use simple rockets in a few science classes and the students really loved doing it. There is a huge feeling of pride when students see a rocket - or really any machine they build - work.” TARC has been an annual contest since 2002. Each year a very specific set of technical challenges are laid out for students to design a rocketry solution for. The students research each part of the challenge, design a rocket to meet that challenge, build the rocket, test it and verify how well their rocket would meet the challenge. Students in the TARC competition can win prizes, including scholarships and a chance to compete internationally. This year's challenge: • Build a model rocket that carries a raw egg in a two part (each part recovered safely, and separately) rocket with altimeter. The rocket shall fly to 236 meters and have a total flight time of 41-43 seconds. • The rocket must have a gross liftoff weight of no more than 650 grams, a minimum length of 650 millimeters, and be powered by commercial rocket motor(s) of class “F” or smaller with no more than 80 N-sec of total impulse across all motors. Team Advisor for the Brightmont Redmond TARC Team is David Stenberg, an instructor at Brightmont Academy with extensive experience teaching technical subjects to middle school and high school students. Stenberg holds MS degrees in Chemistry and Computer Science. He has been teaching technical subjects to middle school, high school and college students for over 15 years (the last 5 at Brightmont), including summer camps with emphasis on programming, and rocketry. Stenberg built his first model rocket at age 11 and much to his wife’s chagrin, is building them again. Although Stenberg will advise and help with the engineering process, every decision will be made by students. “If they go to Nationals, it will be because they made smart decisions and executed their plans well,” says Stenberg. Come join the fun! The Brightmont team will meet at the Brightmont Academy Redmond campus in Redmond Town Center twice a month on Saturdays, October through March. The cost is $900 per student for current/former Brightmont students, and $1,100 for non-Brightmont students, which includes future access to Brightmont services. Brightmont already has an existing team, with openings for additional students, so anyone interested in joining is encouraged to contact Redmond Campus Director Sheila Harrison at or (425) 373-0800. Participation is open to all in the community. About Brightmont Academy Brightmont Academy is a fully accredited private school that provides one-to-one instruction. One experienced teacher works with one student throughout every learning session. Brightmont Academy has served 3,500 students since 1999 and has campuses in Arizona, Michigan, Minnesota, and Washington. For more information, visit: or call 1-888-521-0887.

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