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Hands-on Science Winter Break Camp


Kids Science Labs
405 NE 71st St Seattle, WA 98115+5430 US


Monday December 19, 2016 9 a.m.–Friday December 23, 2016 9 a.m.


$200 Half Day (9am-12pm), $325 Full Day (9am-3pm), $450 Extended Day (9am-5pm)

Age Recommendation

Ages 4-12


Kids are out of school for winter break, which means the hands-on science fun and learning can continue right here at Kids Science Labs! At KSL, our curriculum is all based off of questions that kids ask -- join us to discover the science behind winter weather, the tundra, and more! Young scientists will each design and create projects to bring home, and will innovate new solutions to everyday problems. We are offering weekly camp registration options of half day (9am-noon), fully day (9am-3pm), and extended day (9am-3pm). Each day there will be two 75 minute hands-on science classes in the morning, a hands-on science activity in the afternoon, and plenty of fun in between. Day camps are for children ages 4 and up. What to expect? 1. We almost always build something, so during pick-up your child may have one or more projects that come home. 2. We almost always provide a KSL takeaway card that explains that questions that we addressed and provides additional background for parents to engage in conversations with their child on the way home. 3. We try to separate the class into different rooms based on grade level for an optimized learning environment. Typically, we will have kids Pre-school to K in one room, kids 1st-3rd in one room, and kids 4th-7th grade in a third room. The final classroom distribution is dictated based on the enrollment for the week. If you have a child older than 10, just give us a ring and we can let you know if there are other kids in 5th grade enrolled in the camp. What to bring? Peanut and tree-nut free lunch (full day only)

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