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Bike Everywhere Day

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Join Cascade Bicycle Club and communities around the state for 2019 Bike Everywhere Day!

Last year on Bike Everywhere Day, we spotted over 20,000 of you riding bikes throughout the day and stopping by at over 120 Celebration Stations in the Puget Sound region.  2019 is shaping up to be even better and we look forward to riding with you on Bike Everywhere Day - Friday, May 17th, 2019. 

The epicenter of our annual state-wide Bike Everywhere Month celebration, Bike Everywhere Day is a blast. Thousands of people on two wheels pack the streets. Smiles, waves and the friendly ring of bike bells fill the air. No matter what or where you ride, whether to school, to work, to the park or around the block, you won't be riding alone on Bike Everywhere Day.  It's a great day to ride for the first time, because no matter where you're riding from, we'll be out there with you. Celebration stations and experienced riders along major routes will ensure that encouragement, support, and fun are never in short supply.

Stop by one of dozens and dozens of Celebration Stations around town: find one near you on this map.

Event Details