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Compass Indoor Family Scavenger Hunt Event

Calendar/Event Details

Using the Goosechase App you and your family unit will work through engaging missions designed to get you thinking, laughing, and enjoying each other.

Saturday Morning @ 10AM you’ll receive over 50 family and kid only missions. Family missions are designed to get you all working together. Kid Only Missions are meant to challenge your child and get his/her brain working.

Each mission completed earns a certain number of points and creativity and originality can earn you more points. At the end of each day the first place family will be awarded a specially chosen prize.

At 12 PM, the family with the most points will be awarded the First Place Goosechase Champion prize, your very own OUTDOOR Goosechase, built in the place of your choosing, of course AFTER all this stuff stabilizes. Think awesome BIRTHDAY party, OFFICE Happy Hour, or just fun NEIGHBORHOOD event.

How to Get Started

Before April 4th

  • Download the Goosechase App - iPhone Android (only need one phone/ipad)

  • You want to be ready

  • Search for the Compass INDOOR Goosechase - Volume 2 game or search by code X377X5.

  • Tell four to five of your closest friends that you’re participating in something really, really awesome and they need to jump on the bandwagon.

Saturday, April 4 - 10 AM - Pacific Standard Time

  • Work through the three TUTORIAL missions

  • Look though the remainder of the missions and create your strategy. Some are family based… some are kid only. Complete as many as you can as long as you’re having fun.

  • The winner with the most points by 12 pm wins the whole competition!

12 PM PST - Finale Zoom Call and Prize Cermony

  • Top THREE teams will be awarded prizes on a ZOOM meeting at 12:00 PM… link to be provided through the app.

  • You can also click HERE to join.

Prizes include…

  • We’re going to mix up the prizes a little this time… For each 50,000 points you achieve you will get one virtual raffle ticket. We’ll throw them into a virtual hat and draw out three winners total. Prizes this week are COLD HARD CASH.

Event Details