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HONK! Fest West at Yesler Terrace Park

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What a delightful way to end the festival, basking in the sun, setting yourself or your children loose on the playground, all while enjoying 2 stages of music with some great views!

HONK! Fest West is back for our iconic and free three-day festival featuring marching bands, drum lines, New Orleans second line, AfroBrazilian samba, West African drumming, groups representing the Eastern European and Latin American street band scene, and other flavors of mobile and acoustic street bands from around the globe.

Come and immerse yourself on June 2nd in Georgetown from 6pm-10pm, June 3rd in Columbia City at Columbia Park from 12pm-8pm, and June 4th at Yesler Terrace Park from 12pm-6pm. All outside and ALL FREE!

Event Details