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Little Steamers - STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) for pre-schoolers!  These workshops give Little Steamers and their caregiver a chance to build, explore and make with new themes each class.  Push up their sleeves and get ready to dive into fun! Ages 4-7. $10/$13 (fee applies to each workshop).  

Jan. 29: Legendary LEGOs!  Can we build it? Yes, we can! Use your imagination and let's get building. Come join us for LEGO challenges, math, and more fun!  

Feb. 12: Planet Explorers  Let's explore the Milky Way and learn about the planets that are our neighbors. We will do cool space crafts, launch some rockets, and learn about the solar system!

Feb. 26: Future Forecasters  Ever wonder why it rains, why clouds can look so cool, and why a rainbow shows up after it rains? Well, let's find out! Learn about different types of clouds, the water cycle, and what effects the weather. You'll be predicting the weather in no time!

Mar. 11: Start Your Engine(ers)  Get ready world! Here come the future engineers. Come discover the world of engineering by getting creative, building awesome structures, and using your super math skills. 

Mar. 25: Discovering Dinos  Journey back in time with us to when huge dinosaurs roamed the earth! Learn about fossils, powerful predators, and gentle giants. Then, dig up some fossils of your own and get ready for lots more amazing dino activities. 

Event Details