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Magical Manners Class for Kids

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Magical Manners Class for Kids is a fun and functional way to teach and enhance your child's manners and courtesy towards others.

Designed for children from kindergarten to 5th grade, Magical Manners uses a party format to teach manners in an easy to grasp and entertaining way. A hot and hearty meal is included along with a certificate of excellence and handouts for reinforcement. Cost is $55 per student and limited to 12 children to maintain a high impact lesson with personal engagement by teacher and students.

Magical Manners students will learn:

  • Essential interpersonal skills that will build confidence and empathy.
  • Valuable table, conversation and etiquette skills tailored to their developmental stage.
  • Confidence to test their new Magical Manners and help set the table at the next family meal.
  • Skills to write a thank you note.

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