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Oxbow Farm Spring Native Plant Sale

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Be a part of our Spring Native Plant Sale featuring over 80 native plant species, pollinator experts, & delicious food from Off-The-Rez!

Oxbow is proud to present our first big Native Plant Sale of the year. We have a treasure trove of native plants ready to find their forever homes in your garden, wherever that may be! Come ready to explore, learn, and have fun!

Take a look at the full list of Native Plants we will have on sale HERE!

Native Plant Nursery

Stop by our Native Plant Nursery where our Native Plant experts have so many good insights to share with you; knowledge about the many native Washington plants we cultivate!

Pollinator Pathway

We would like to welcome experts from our partner organization, Pollinator Pathway, who will be attending the sale. Please drop by and take part in an informative discussion about pollinators. You will learn more about their role in local agriculture and our natural environment!


What a treat we have for you! We are so excited to have the famous Off-The-Rez food truck at our native plant sale. They will be serving delicious, tender meals that you can chow down on while looking through our selection.

Check out their amazing menu HERE!


We will be stocked with a wide selection of Native Plants grown here at Oxbow's nursery, plant starts, certified organic fruits and vegetables from us, and partner & neighbor farms.

Open from 10AM-4PM. Card only, please!


Event Details