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Round Rock Contest 2020 with Harbor History Museum

Calendar/Event Details

The concept for the contest is simple. Participants search for the roundest natural rock they can find and submit it to the Harbor History Museum. All rock entries must have been found in Washington State, be naturally formed, and meet the size specifications in our rules (loosely, no smaller than a ping-pong ball and no larger than a softball).

Submissions may be dropped off on Thursdays or Fridays July 23 - August 8th between 11 am-4 pm. Please email if those times don’t work for you and we will try to make other arrangements for you if possible. The winners of the Round Rock Contest will be announced on August 15th, 2020. Cash prizes will be awarded to the five rocks judged to be the most perfectly rounded rocks. For the complete Contest Rules and Regulations please visit our website.  

First Prize = $100, Second Prize = $50, Third Prize = $25,
Fourth Prize = $15, Fifth Prize = $10. 

Event Details