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Seattle Parrot Expo

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The largest Parrot-based event returns to the Northwest! Join the adventure at the Auburn Community and Events Center as it transforms into the rainforest--with parrots as the center and animals of all kinds! Immerse yourself and kids into the full experience and impact we have as a community to support this vast network.

FREE ADMISSION, PARKING, CRAFTS and Animal Encounters! Come meet dozens of species of parrots and other amazing animals that connect us to the natural world! Create a parrot mask, check out our coloring station and test yourself in the Hall of Knowledge to see what you know about parrots and the biomes of the world!

CHECK OUT PHOTOS WITH PARROTS and our sought-after educational parrot show with Parrot Ambassadors ( That feature all the adaptions parrots enjoy from rollerskating to talking to flying over your head.

SUPER SENSATIONAL deals and shopping for parrots, for parrot lovers with our artisans, for conservation connection with our network of nonprofit organizations helping parrots and people too!

Image credit: Hans Braxmeier/Pixabay


Event Details