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Spirit of Africa Festival — Livestream from Senegal

Calendar/Event Details

In response to cancellations of events due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Spirit of Africa festival will be live streamed from Dakar, Senegal! The 90-minute event will be streamed simultaneously on Facebook and YouTube. The festival will be recorded at Mobil Sound Studio in Dakar, Senegal. The performances will be posted online for future viewing after the festival.

Producer Thione Diop has confirmed an amazing lineup of 7 artists:

  • Cheikh Lô - A giant of West African music, Cheikh Lô is one of Senegal’s foremost musical mavericks and cultural ambassadors. A superb singer and songwriter as well as a distinctive guitarist, percussionist, and drummer, he brings together influences from across Africa and around the world to create an infectious Afropop style that is uniquely his own.
  • Dara Guisse playing Xalam (traditional stringed musical instrument from West Africa)
  • Edouard Manga from Casamance, Senegal playing kora
  • Ndoumbélane Jazz mixes the sounds of Afro rhythms with blues and jazz, using traditional West African instruments such as the Peul flute, kora, calabash and djembe. They stretch, reinvent and question instruments for traditional use, while mixing it with other influences.
  • Gestu Band
  • Music from Benin
  • Yatma Thiam - Group Afia (Talking Drum Group)

Event Details