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Stay Woke Virtual Empowerment Session with Womxn of Color in Tech

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Presented by Womxn of Color in Tech

Join us for a virtual empowerment session to explore what it means to navigate society as a *grrl of color and how technology plays a vital role in that experience.

We will be engaging in a tech design activity centered around this topic: what will our society/communities look like in a post-quarantine world? We will center conversations and design around events currently happening like protests to defund/abolish police, the high infection rate of COVID for black and brown people, the systems and structures that perpetuate oppressive white culture, etc.

We hope to provide a creative space that is youth centered and reflective.

Grades 7-12.

Please register. You will receive a Zoom invite the day of the event.

*grrl: this space is welcome to all but will be centered around the experiences of black grrls + grrls of color. Grrl is used as an inclusive word that is welcoming to all female-identifying, trans grrls, femmes, gender fluid, gender non-conforming, and non-binary people.

Event Details