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VIRTUAL: Creative Creations and Games with the Pierce County Library

Calendar/Event Details

Thu, August 5, 2021
Thu, August 19, 2021

A time for kids ages 5-10 to get together on Zoom to create masterpieces, do science projects, learn to bake, and play games. Parents and caregivers welcome!

July 1st: Ice Cream and Brownies- Make brownies and ice cream from scratch!

July 8th: Solar Oven- Make a solar oven that can warm real food!

July 15th: Game Day- Play games together!

July 22nd: Banana Bread- Make delicious banana bread from scratch!

July 29th: Relief Painting- Discover a new way to paint and make amazing art!

August 5th: Yogurt and a Smoothie- Learn to make yogurt and a smoothie from scratch!

August 12th: Puffer Fish- Make a puffer fish in this artistic engineering challenge!

August 19th: Pinwheels- Learn to make a working pinwheel!

Note for caregivers - Registering your child for this event gives them permission to participate in the library's virtual event hosted on Zoom, an online platform. The event will be monitored by library staff. We encourage caregivers to join in with your child and ask that an adult stay with children under 5. 

Event Details