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Lynnwood Bowl & Skate


Book your birthday party online! Lynnwood Bowl & Skate has mastered the art of the party. Whether it is a Corporate Event, a Fundraiser, a Birthday Party, or a celebration of any kind, we know how to make it the best event ever. We start with tailoring the event to fit your parties needs and then help you plan down to the last detail. While we pride ourselves in being the best place to Bowl or Roller Skate, we are the only place where you can do both. Skate Sessions - Adult Night: Mon/Thurs - 8:30p-11p. Learn to Skate - Sat/Sun 11a-12p. Open Skates: Wed - 6p-9p, Fri - 7:30p-11p, Sat - 12p-3p, 4p-7p and 7:30p-11p, Sun - 12p-3p, 4p-7p and 7:30p-11p.

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