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Bellevue Discovery Center for Early Childhood Gifted Education


Bellevue Discovery Preschool is designed to joyfully nurture and challenge our curious, creative, and highly capable preschoolers. We offer a 1:4 teacher-child ratio with small class sizes to support the unique learning needs of young highly capable children. Our children are asynchronous in their abilities, with their own social, emotional, cognitive and physical strengths, joys and challenges. We want our children to thrive, and we believe at Bellevue Discovery that this takes a loving environment, a commitment to supporting individual learning styles, and a curriculum focused on in-depth project learning. The vast majority (more than 80%) of our children move on to gifted programs – but we want more for our children than academics. At Bellevue Discovery we teach our children to innovate: to be divergent thinkers, to work as part of a creative team, to solve problems, and to explore relationships between different realms of learning. We can either teach our children to be innovators or to be conformers. We are not raising conformers at Bellevue Discovery. If your family is seeking a preschool that celebrates original thinking, nurtures relationships, and encourages children to explore the complexity of our world, we hope you will visit Bellevue Discovery.

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