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Sponge is a leader in children’s language education offering immersion based award-winning language classes in Spanish, Mandarin, French, German, Hindi and Japanese in its own centers and in before- and after-school programs throughout the greater Seattle area. Focused on children from birth through elementary school, native-speaking teachers creatively introduce language and culture through activities, stories, music, art and movement. We help children learn language in a cognitively and developmentally appropriate way, so they are engaged and having fun. In addition to offering classes, sponge offers curriculum to multiple schools. Sponge’s curriculum is modern, researched based and it’s continuously refined to meet the needs of langue learner. We are pleased to be chosen by Mercer Island school district (MISD) to provide Spanish language curriculum for use across all MISD elementary schools. A growing body of research indicates that learning a second language at a young age benefits brain development, helping children have more flexibility in thinking, a greater understanding of language and a better ear for listening. Even small amounts of second language exposure will help them sound like a native speaker later in life. It also opens doors to other cultures. Research shows it is never too early to help your child explore language and culture. The benefits will last a lifetime. For more information, please check below. *Sing up for a free trial class! : *Licensing our curriculum! :

ParentMap readers may receive $25 off of tuition for a full spring or fall session, or $10 off of tuition for a summer session. Call 206-227-7138 to register.

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