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Alpha Martial Arts


Alpha Martial Arts has 2 great Seattle locations to serve you! AMA Bryant (1 block N. of U-Village) 206-528-3737 and AMA Capitol Hill (19th & Madison)206-322-1433. Located in Seattle, Washington Alpha Martial Arts is dedicated to helping people improve their lives through martial arts. We are a Black Belt School developing students that are not only physically fit and can defend themselves, but who are, most importantly, outstanding members of the community. We achieve this by teaching life skills through blocking, punching and kicking. Through our integrated Powerful Words character development program students actively learn and develop valuable life and social skills including confidence, self esteem, focus, self discipline, courtesy, respect, self control and perseverance in every class. Our outstanding martial arts program emphasizes health, life-long fitness and teaches incredibly effective self defense skills in a friendly, safe, positive environment. Our Black Belt staff leads by example and inspires our students to become more confident, successful contributing members of our community. Parents, family members, and teachers frequently speak of the beneficial effects that Alpha Martial Arts has had in performance, self-esteem, and general attitude.

Alpha Martial Arts

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