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We offer a personal learning experience at both Chrysalis Elementary School and Chrysalis High School! Chrysalis School is one of the larger accredited progressive schools on the Eastside with 225 students and over 60 staff. Chrysalis School has been offering a unique program since 1983. We design a curriculum for every student, grades K-12 and every student has a personalized schedule. We have found that having a more individualized and personal program can be life changing for students discouraged by a traditional school experience. We offer a flexible schedule for those who travel for sports or hobbies. We can adjust schedules for students who have health related needs such as anxiety or depression. Class size is something else that varies at Chrysalis from a class of 1, personal time with their teachers to small groups of 10-12 students for a range of subjects or large groups for outings, field trips and events. Our program is strong in both the arts and sciences. We've had students attend colleges such as Stanford, Yale, Parson's and Brown as well as local community colleges. We prepare students of all academic abilities and styles for a post high school experience that fits them. We offer advanced courses in many subject areas allowing students to study subjects in depth. Make an appointment today to visit our two campuses in Woodinville, Washington.


Chrysalis High School


Chrysalis Elementary School


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