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Seattle Waldorf School


The Seattle Waldorf School curriculum is broad and comprehensive, structured to respond to and enhance the developmental stages of childhood. Based on the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner, Waldorf education views these developmental stages as significant to healthy learning. Particular attention is given to the corresponding needs and capabilities of the child within each of these phases. Through a classical academic curriculum combined with fully integrated fine arts, world languages, movement, handwork, music and gardening, Waldorf students are accompanied and nurtured through the full development of all their capacities: cognitive, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual. They are guided through this journey by a class teacher who stays with the class from Grade 1 through Grade 8, and develops with students and their families a remarkable relationship of collaboration, understanding, and mutual trust, serving the child's well-being and healthy development. Special subject teachers contribute to the quality of the classroom experience extensively, bringing Waldorf students genuine artistic and practical experience in congruence with the subject taught by the class teacher. In the high school, a new image of the adult stands in the young person's mind as an ideal. Truthfulness, thoughtfulness, self-possession, consideration, strong-mindedness, warm heartedness - these are qualities the adolescent holds as ideals. High school students look for such qualities in their teachers, looking for mentors who inspire them and are clearly worthy of emulation. The First Seven Years (early childhood program) - Imitation and Warmth The Second Seven Years (grades 1 – 8) - Imagination, the Heart of Childhood The Third Seven Years (high school) - Truth, Discrimination, and Judgment, the Teenage Path Kinderhaus kindergarten: 4919 Woodlawn Ave. N. Main Campus: 2728 N.E. 100th St. Seattle Waldorf High School: 160 John St.

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