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Whole Earth Montessori


Established in 1986, the Whole Earth Montessori School is a Washington State approved and American Montessori Society accredited Private School specializing in the instructional methodologies of Montessori education. Developing respect for self through academic excellence: This begins at WEM with a prepared Montessori classroom that lends itself to student success; a clean, organized environment that includes an accredited staff and a full array of Montessori materials and learning activities in each classroom. Global perspective by developing respect for others: WEM is fortunate to be centralized in an economically and culturally diverse community. Developing in each child a respect for others through an appreciation for the similarities, as well as the differences that exist among the people of the world occurs naturally in the classroom setting. This is enriched by both the Montessori curriculum and the parent volunteers who share aspects of their cultures with the students. Respect for the environment through environmental awareness: Leading by example with the use of on-site Solar and Geo-Thermal systems, WEM offers students more than just a recycling program. The Whole Earth Montessori curriculum and campus offers students a hands-on experience and education from our 2.5 acre, natural environment. Activities range from stream-keeping, gardening and horticulture to studies in alternative energy.

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