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Board Game Playtesting at Forrest-Pruzan Creative


There's a benefit to having an award-winning toy and game invention company in your hometown. The fine folks at Forrest-Pruzan Creative (FPC) are always glad to meet kids and adults who love to play games and have fun. Now you can playtest and give feedback on their new creations. FPC works with publishers like Seattle's own I Can Do That Games and Cranium --along with Mattel, Hasbro, Disney and many others. Playtesters get a look behind the scenes of this Northwest renaissance industry - game-making! Plus, playtesters get to play games way before they are in the stores and can claim bragging rights to the games they tested. No matter what your age, weâ??d love to hear from you! We are currently scheduling playtests and focus groups for our latest creations.

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