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Stone Soup Theatre


Stone Soup Theatre’s reputation precedes itself with over 20 wonderful years of nurturing young imaginations. Our drama education programs focus on giving each young actor the tools they need to succeed on stage. All our student productions are actor-centered, the students the true stars of our shows! We take focus away from the technical aspects of theatre and put it back in our young actor’s imaginations. We use suggestive costuming, sets and props to allow the students’ bodies, focus, reactions and facial expressions be what shows our audience the world and environment of the play. We believe sincerely that theater is the perfect medium to serve students with diverse learning styles and cherish the folk tale that bears our name, Stone Soup. In this folk tale, A group of hungry, tired soldiers limp into an impoverished village where the villagers are none-too-interested in sharing their meager stores of food. One enterprising soldier fills a pot with water and tosses in a stone, saying how delicious the soup would be if someone had an onion. An onion is produced, then a carrot…eventually, each villager brings something to the broth and soon villagers and soldiers alike sit down to a wonderful meal made all the better because everyone contributed to its creation. Bringing together the street name and this old fable, Stone Soup Theatre was born. As Artistic director, I can honestly say that my two great loves of life have been theater and children. What a beautiful gift these two things are and continue to be. This is why parents know that when they sign up for a class, enroll their students in one of our 20 after school outreach programs, or sign up for summer camp they are in good hands. Take a look at our after school classes held at the Wallingford Presbyterian Church (where break camps are also held) or sign up for a summer camp program held in one of three beautiful outdoor park locations, North, South and Eastside. And please if your child’s school is looking for an after school program let us know and we will send our award winning teaching artists right to your school. If you and your child are newcomers to Stone Soup welcome! For those who have been with us for a while, Thank you so much. We are nothing without you. Contact Kathya Alexander at 206-288-9212 for further enrollment questions.

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