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Bouncing Light Photography


There you are...I LOVE what I do. I love looking through my lens and seeing you on the other side. I love the chance that this moment together creates; an opportunity to connect in a personal, intimate way, to find who you are, to discover that part of you that isn't always on display but is the essence of what makes you, "you"! And in that moment we connect in a way that is genuine, true and lovely. And I want everyone to see that too! There you are... A flutter in your belly, a growing bump, a small someone you dream about. I see you there gently touching the roundness of you and you just radiate love and I want everyone to see that too! There you are...A soft, sweet baby and you lay curled and warm in my hands before I give you back to mom and dad. I see you there all brand new and smelling of heaven and I want everyone to see that too! Personal, intimate, connected, genuine, creative, sweet, warm, lovely images of YOU. The personal you, the family you, the baby you...

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