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Abacus West - Redmond, Seattle, Sammamish


Abacus West offers 2 innovative math enrichment programs: (i) The core Abacus West program teaches 5-12 year-olds the fundamentals of math while improving focus & concentration. We introduce students to tactile learning while they manipulate the beads of a Japanese abacus with their hands to perform math calculations. They also learn to visualize a mental abacus, enabling them to compute in their minds. Kids benefit from enhanced visualization skills, increased focus & concentration, a higher level of self-confidence, and reinforcement of core math abilities. Abacus programs increase the child’s brain development. (ii) AW Discover Math for 3 & 4 year-olds is an enrichment program designed to build a solid math foundation in a fun & interactive environment. This parent-child program uses songs & rhymes, hands-on tactile learning, & movement activities to develop number sense, algebraic thinking, geometric sense, graphing & data organizing, measurement, & fine motor skills.Classes in Redmond, Seattle (Wallingford), Sammamish.

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