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The Clay Animation Network (C.A.N.) is a traveling animation school based out of Seattle, WA. (and presently travels as far as Dallas, Texas). Students (of all ages) who take classes through C.A.N. work in teams take photos or animate using an ipad2, construct sets and characters, compose unique stories, and add sound. Class sizes range from 4-60 students, with an age range presently of 5-70 years. Presently the website showcases over 1,000 student-made movies. C.A.N. was designed and is presently run by Lukas Allenbaugh. Lukas, a former elementary school teacher and Artist-in-Residence created the program in order to allow for stronger connections with curriculum integration in the classroom. Animation has the capacity to incorporate basic and advanced concepts in math, physics, and language arts with an infinite range of themes for unique story-lines. Animation mediums include Clay, Hand-Drawn, and LEGO® animation (Clay Animation Network is not affiliated with LEGO® in any way). Check the website to view student animations and commercials.

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