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Fun and fascinating Silly Creatures are not your everyday plush toy filled with fluff. Instead of stuffing, these soft creatures have functional organs such as stomach, guts, heart and womb that children can manipulate to discover how they work. Silly Creatures come with polished stones or larger stuffed balls that can be fed through their mouths and then squeezed through the digestive system until they come out the other end. Squeezing the food through the creature is a great way to help a child develop the ability to manipulate small objects, something that is essential for developing the skills needed for proper writing. Silly Creature Moms carry babies inside that can be delivered and then nursed. “Our mission is to provide fun and safe educational, as well as therapeutic toys that help children become aware of basic bodily functions as a way to promote good health," explains Flor Lozano-Byrne, president is an eco-friendly toy company born on the request of making a make believe Silly Creature real. Silly Creatures were developed through the drawings of its chief designer, 7-year-old Simon. They also offer organic cotton eco-friendly party items through their Organic Party™ line.

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