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Hope and Memory Photography


Hope and Memory Photography specializes in commercial and editorial style children's portraits. I call myself a concept photographer. What does that mean? I am a storyteller and a dreamer and often find my head in the clouds; this daydreaming is frequently inspired by stories, characters, and whims that catch my fancy and make my imagination soar. We all have those childhood daydreams that we wish were a reality… my work turns them into a reality for children, even if it is just an experience one afternoon, the photos they have will last them a lifetime of dreaming and remembering. I do this by combining some posing and many candid shots to marry my vision as an artist to who your child is so that I can tell their unique and beautiful story. My photos are light filled, soft, and romantic with a touch of dreamy whimsy. My aim is to capture the innocence of childhood that we all have in us – that sparkle in our eyes that never quite leaves, the flights of fancy deep in our souls, that recurring childhood daydream that never really ends. With my camera, I will document your relationships, your memories, your emotions, and you, just as you are, and turn it into art. I will create an heirloom work of art that makes you want to crawl inside and live in it forever each and every time you lay eyes on it.

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