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We were just two normal women minding our own business when BAM! we became Mamas. Ok, so it took more like 9 months and it involved our husbands, but you get the point. Motherhood has been both wonderful and challenging for us. It’s a journey of many highs and just as many lows. Like so many pregnant women, we were both shocked when we brought our babies home. Honestly, nothing quite prepared us for what motherhood was really like. We had heard a zillion times, “Motherhood is so wonderful. You will fall instantly in love with your baby. Enjoy your newborn honeymoon. It’s the greatest!” Except we did not fall instantly in love, we didn’t experience everything as being quite so wonderful, and it was NOT a honeymoon. Yes, we love our babies and we have many great joyful moments. But what about the rest of the time? The rest of the time is the reason we started this website. Why did we feel so alone but yet we had so many friends? How did we figure out our new identity? Why was no one talking about grieving our old self? How did we process our childbirth experience? Are other Mamas feeling this way? Why does every book talk about how to raise our kids but no one is talking about how to take care of ourselves? We had so many questions and so few answers. Over time, we talked to friends, asked questions, sought advice, got counseling, and cried A LOT. We laughed too, but that was not what we were missing. We were missing that authentic voice of motherhood. The voice that told us what things were really going to be like. The voice that addressed our grief and missing identities. The voice that helped us in our search for meaning. We never found that voice until one day we both looked in the mirror and decided we’d be that voice. We’ll be the voice for us and for YOU. And we’ll find more Mamas that are willing to be honest and vulnerable to share their voices too. You don’t need how to’s, you need the why. You don’t need permission. You need acknowledgment and recognition. You don’t need judgment, you need acceptance and love. That’s our story. We hope you find what you are looking for here. We might share a tip or two on how to get through teething or sleep better, but that’s not our heart. Those answers are already out there. We truly want to inspire and empower you. Help you see yourself as you are, help you find YOUR voice. We want to encourage you to be confident in who you are as a woman and mother, and any other role you might be. And please don’t forget…we are all here to be in support of one another.

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